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Tony G.

The first time I sat on it I felt total relief and comfort. My posture is more ergonomically correct, less pressure on my legs and my poor butt feels like it is set on a cloud! And 5 days later is the same as the first."

David K.

I have been using this cushion for a few months now. I am a very heavy computer user. I feel like Coushy has worked tremendously well for me and given me relief to becoming more active and healthy.

Ian H.

This is an outstanding product. It accomplishes two seemingly contradictory functions at the same time:- It feels very soft and conforming bit firm but never bottoms out.“

Amanda W.

Perfect cushion to sit on for the chairs that get flat after sitting on them for a while. I use this for work since my work shifts are 12 hours and it does get uncomfortable sitting for so long.

Courtney T.

I'm very pleased with this cushion. I'd used it for a few days prior to reviewing so I could give an informed opinion. I have arthritis in my lower back and I can't stand upright after sitting. This cushion relieves the pressure and has relieved some of my back pain, as well!

Cassie M.

“ Bought this for my work chair because I kept getting pain in my tailbone from sitting all day. Used this for one day and it was instant relief. It's so comfy!“